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This site is an attempt to acknowledge previous English translations of the Qur’an and will continue to evolve by recording current meanings, interpretations and translations of the Qur’an.  The list is not intended to catalog those translations which are partial works of translations.

Please review the list of translations (updated October 2017) and if you are aware of a translation that does not appear on this list, please let me know.  I am only interested in cataloging first editions and not the subsequent printings.  I will need to verify the existence of the translation and will require a visual picture or a link to the web site which show the translation or is selling the translation.

English Qur'anic Translation Periods
The Christian Period
1649 to 1904
From 1649 to 1904 English Qurans were translated by Christians for the Christians critical study of Islam.  During this period 4 English translations were created.
The Transitional Period
In 1905 the first English Quran translated by a Muslim appeared in India.  This was necessary when theologically debating Christian British colonizers and as a resource for new Western coverts to Islam who did not read Arabic.  This period represents the transition from Christian only translations to a mixture of secular, Muslim and Christian translations.  Fifteen translations are recorded in this period.
Islamist and Secular Period
In the last period Western translations of the English Quran have almost ceased and have been overtaken by: Secular translators, Western converts as well as Shia, Suif and Sunni translations.  This shift is largely due to United States University Middle-East centers becoming myopically focused on political interests rather than scholarly pursuits.  Forty-two translations are recorded in this period.

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